Logicaltax offers you to obtain import export number / IEC Code Online from Rs. 1999/-  to importer and exporter who want to do international business within 1 working days while you sitting at your place. For IEC code apply online you need some documents like Adhar Card, PAN Card, Rent Agreement etc.

iec code in india


IEC Code or Import Export Code  or IE Code registration is necessary for someone for exportation products from India or importation products to India. IE Code will be a 10 digit code that is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Government of India  within same business days which is system generated IEC certificate.

IEC code has life time validity and no need to file any return. Therefore, it’s advised to most organizations to get IEC Code, even though they don’t want it at the instant.  

Importers are’t allowed to proceed with out this code and exporters can’t take advantage of exports from DGFT, customs, Export Promotion Council, if they don’t have this code. IE Code is additionally referred as IEC Certificate, Import Export Number, Export License, Import Export License, Importer Exporter Code, Import License, Export Number etc. 

Importers need to specify the IE Code should whereas clearing customs. Likewise, banks need the importers Import Export Code while sending funds outside India. For exporters, the Code must be mentioned while sending shipments. And banks require the exporters IEC Code while receiving funds from outside India.

Import Export Code online Registration can be done through in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & all different Indian cities.



Rs. 1999(Onwards)

  • IEC Code Online Registration

  • Same Day IEC Code Application filing
  • Time Taken – Instant Allotment of IEC online
  •  Excluding DGFT Govt. Fees



Rs. 1999(Onwards)
  • Import Export Code Modification

  • Same Day IEC Code Modification filing
  • Time Taken – 3-4 days from date of filing
  • Includig DGFT Govt. Fees

Details Required for Importer Exporter Code

 Personal PAN Card
 Mobile number and email ID
 Passport size photo of Proprietor
 Printed Cancelled Cheque or Bank certificate
 Office Address Proof with Branch Address Detail llike – Address Proof like sale deed, Rent Agreement, lease deed, electricity bill, telephone landline bill, mobile postpaid bill etc
 Proprieor’s PAN Card, Aadhar Card with Phone Number

Firm’s PAN Card


Mobile number and email ID


Passport size photo of Partner (signing authority)


Printed Cancelled Cheque or Bank certificate

 Office Address Proof with Branch Address Detail llike – Address Proof like sale deed, Rent Agreement, lease deed, electricity bill, telephone landline bill, mobile postpaid bill etc

All Partner’s PAN Card, Aadhar Card with Phone Number

Private Limited

Company’s PAN Card & CIN Number


Mobile number and email ID


Passport size photo of Director (signing authority)


Printed Cancelled Cheque or Bank certificate

 Office Address Proof with Branch Address Detail llike – Address Proof like sale deed, Rent Agreement, lease deed, electricity bill, telephone landline bill, mobile postpaid bill etc

All Director’s PAN Card, Aadhaar Card with Phone Number along with DIN Number


Other Important Registrations after IE code Registration

You will be eligible to import export goods as you get Import export licence but some other more important licenses and registration are there and you should apply in order to fully able to export or import without any restriction. which are as follows:

  • RCMC Registration: Registration Cum Membership Certificate (commonly known as RCMC) is a certificate issued by the Export Promotion Councils or board.

There are around 40 Export promotion council and board in India. Every exporter needs to register with any of the export promotion councils based on the product one is selling.

Hire Freight forwarder: Freight forwarder is a agent who books your shipment/cargo and tells you the price of shipment/cargo according to the size in weight, distance and time of delivery or transport mode.

  • AD Code Registration: AD Code full form is Authorised Dealer Code, AD Code Registration Before filing any export bill, AD code must be registered with any schedule commercial banks in India.The bank will give you 14 Digit code on their letterhead.You have to register this code where you are going to custom clearance of your goods.

Considerable Points Before Applying IE Code in India

    1. Do you really want to go global?

    you are excited  to be global. But do you really want to be global?

    This is because international trade is much more complex than domestic trade, a lot more in the way of various global rules, norms, tariffs, duties, customs and your global aspirations.

    If you are not serious about making your business global, then probably don’t need to apply for IE code.

    1. Select the expected market for import export.

    After you choose the product, you must allocate the most expected market. You will need to research the market area, simulation, maternal quality requirements, payment terms and status. You can even estimate the markets based on the export benefits available to some countries under foreign trade policy. You can take the help of All India Filing and agencies, relatives in collecting information.

    1. Find buyers for the deal now.

     After finalizing the item and the expected market, you have to find buyers. Generally, there are effective tools for finding buyers in exhibitions, business fairs, web browsing, buyer-seller meetings. Also, you have to prepare your company website that provides all the information about your business. From the website, you can effectively generate leads.

    1. Send a sample to the buyer / customer.

    When you start the inquiry, you have to send samples first. Providing customized samples according to the demands of foreign buyers helps in getting export orders. According to FTP 2015-2020, the export of excellent trade and technical samples of freely exportable goods will be allowed without any limit

Important Link for Online IEC Certificate


View your IEC


Check-List of details checked by Regional Authorities before issuance of IEC.

Download (58.55 KB) 

e-IEC Format.

Download (214.09 KB) 

List of Regional Authorities (RAs) of DGFT (with their Jurisdiction)

Download (225.62 KB) 

Format of Bank Certificate* (*Bank Certificate is required only if cancelled cheque is not available).

Download (228 KB) 

List of documents required to be uploaded along with the IEC application form.

Download (48.36 KB) 

Online e-IEC Application Format.

Download (134.04 KB) 

Online IEC Modification (FAQ)


Online IEC application


IEC Online Help

Download (3.4 MB) 


IEC number is a unique identity given to every importer and exporter. The number is issued by DGFT. IEC Code is a 10 digit unique number, you need to make any import or export. With recent changes, now you can get your IE Code within 3 working days. Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) will be your IE Code. However you need to apply to DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) to get registered and validate your IE Code.
Importer and Exporter both require IEC Certificate.
  1. Importer
i) When an importer has to clear his shipments from the customs then it’s needed by the customs authorities. ii) When an importer sends money abroad through banks then it’s needed by the bank. 2. Exporter i) When an exporter has to send his shipments then its needed by the customs port. ii) When an exporter receives money in foreign currency directly into his bank account then its required by the bank. People importing any goods for personal use, do not need IE Code. For business it is mandatory. Earlier IEC Certificate was approved by departmental officer after verifying all data filed by iec applicant in application. Now System generated IEC Certificate is instantly allotted to you based on the information which filed by applicant in the IEC application. Please note that after 8th August the iec certificate get by applicant are without proprietor/partner /Director
Normally you should get your IE Code within 3 working days of application made. Once you have provided your documents and information to us, we will apply for IEC on same day. From the day of application, you should get your IEC within 3 working days.
Government charge Rs. 500 for IEC Application. We will charge Rs. 1499/-  for our professional work. Total cost for you will be Rs. 1999/- (all inclusive with government fee). We provide services in all cities of India. You can contact us for IEC across India. We have so far successfully registered clients from major cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta, Jaipur, New Delhi.
Lifetime Validity- No Renewal The best thing about Import Export code (IEC) is that it has lifetime validity for the entity. Therefore is an IE code is issued to any business there is no need for renewal. They can use IEC code for doing import and export transaction without any difficult.
No Return Filing IEC code needs no filing of any return for any business; after you are allotted an IEC code to your business then it has lifetime validity. In any types of import export transaction happen there will be no return filing needed to DGFT.
1. Expansion of Business IEC assists you in taking your services or product to the global market and grow your businesses. 2. Availing Several Benefits The Companies could avail several benefits of their imports/ exports from the DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, etc., on the basis of their IEC registration. 3. Easy Processing It is fairly easy to obtain IEC code from the DGFT within a period of 10 to 15 days after submitting the application. There isn’t any need to provide a proof of any export or import for getting IEC code. 4. No need for renewal IEC code is effective for the lifetime of an entity and requires no renewal. After it is obtained, it could be used by an entity against all export and import transactions.
Yes you can obtain IEC online Even individuals who are proprietors can obtain the code in their name.It is not necessary to setup a business for the same.
Category of Person Documents Required
1.      Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Hindu Undivided Family, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Company, Registered  Trust or Society, Cancel Cheque  or Bank certificate Address Proof
In Shorts, major documents required for IEC application are
  1. PAN Card,
  2. Photo,
  3. Pre-Printed Cancelled cheque or  Bank certificate (If Cheque not available),
  4. Address Proof like sale deed, Rent Agreement, lease deep, electricity bill, telephone landline bill, mobile postpaid bill etc
  5. ID proof of Owner (Adhar Card),
Mobile Number and Email ID (You will receive OTP on your mobile and email, multiple times and we will call you for OTP. )
Broadly, the authorities have decided to automate the IEC registration process in a bid to enhance the ease of doing business. The IEC will be now system generated. DGFT has enforced the system of automatic PAN Verification for IEC application. Besides, the applicant will now be able to take the print-out of his unique Import Export Code.
The department has taken concrete steps to optimize the PAN Verification process for IEC registration. Henceforth the PAN Verification service will be integrated with the website of DGFT and Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). As a result, there will be no need of the PAN card copy for IEC application. There will be only 2 documents required for import export code online registration, w.e.f. 9th August 2018:
  • Address proof and
  • Canceled cheque or a bank certificate
As per the recent notification Trade Notice No 23/2018-19 New Delhi, Dated the 8 th August,2018 by DGFT, there will be no requirement of a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) while filling import export code form for fresh Import Export Code or IEC Code modification. However For ECom updation or MEIS Registration DSC is still required if you are facing any problem regarding DSC or JAVA
The import export license (IEC) is issued by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). The firm / company require obtaining the import export license (IEC) from their local Foreign Trade office which is called the regional/local authorities. The following are the list of regional authorities (local authorities) of foreign trade offices in India.
After the GST regime, For new applicants, the application shall be sent to DGFT department and the department shall issue the code number as your PAN number only
There are two method to verify your IEC certificate online :-
  1. Go to the View your IEC on DGFT webiste, now  feed your IE Code number and first three letter of your personal name and business name then click on submit button you view your IEC detail.
  2. Go to the IE Code/BIN Status . Now enter the IE Code and required capcha then click on IE [email protected] Button. If IEC status is showing ‘0’ that means status is normal and your IE code number is valid.
No. You can’t file your application manually. The manual mode of applications for fresh IEC Code issuance or IEC modification has remained present as of April 1, 2016. DGFT now accepts online applications for IEC issuing or modification in the prescribed format only with required supporting documents. A IEC applicant needs to ensure that the full details in the application form must match the details in the uploaded documents. Now, an online application for IEC Code can  be made without using a digital signing certificate.
(i) A valid PAN (ii) Valid Mobile Number and Email (iii) Scanned copy of the documents to be uploaded
You can visit our article How to apply import export code online But it is recommended to you, take help of professional tax consultant in IEC Code It may be possible that your IEC application may be rejected and you require IEC Code on urgent basis as -you have to clear your goods from custom stations immediately otherwise heavy penalty will levied, -you have to make payment to your foreign vendor immediately. or any other reason (as per circumstances) We are also professional tax consultants in name of “All India Filing” dealing in IEC registration in India, you may also contact us +91–9953000305 or write us mail or you can visit our website Logicaltax
Upon submission of the import export code form along with the required documents, the import-export code online will be auto-generated. The intimation regarding the allotment of IEC online will be sent via SMS & e-mail to the applicant with a link to download & print the IEC code online.
DGFT has notified that in case any entity wishes to claim benefits of government as an exporter or manufacturer, he would have to prove his credence or identity for the same, to the concerned authority
The Regulatory Authorities (RAs) will now conduct post-verification of the new import export code. In case any wrong information is found in the IEC, the applicant will be liable for legal prosecution. Moreover, his import-export code will be suspended or canceled without prejudice to any other action that may be taken.
In case you already have a IEC, you need to update it on an annual basis. According to the Foreign trade policy 2015-20 [paragraph 2.15 of the Handbook of Procedure (2015-20)]. an IEC Holder shall be responsible for updating his/her IEC as and when a change takes place in details like name, address, constitution, ownership in Proprietorship firms, change in nature of the firm e.g. from proprietorship to partnership etc. or at least once a year in any case. Your IEC should contain the latest information about you and your company. Please note, if a IEC does not contain the latest or updated information (as required by FTP 2015-20) about the IEC holder and its firm, the competent authority can cancel the said IEC. If a IEC is canceled for a particular permanent account number (PAN), that PAN can never apply to a IEC again.
Enter your PAN and press search button. Then DGFT-IEC system will display: (a) Name of Company (b) Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI) Enter the above details given at (a) and (b) which  will be verified by  CBDT PAN Web Server and then it will direct you to DGFT- Online IEC application enabling you to Migrate your existing IEC to e-IEC.
Enter your PAN and press Search Button. Then system will prompt for the following: (a) Name of Company (b) Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI) (c) File Number (d) File Date The Name and DOB/DOI will be verified from CBDT PAN Web Server  and File No and File Date will be verified from the DGFT-IEC application then only the system will dispatch tokens (one time password) on your registered mobile and e-mail id. Enter any one of the tokens either of e-mail/mobile and then press Submit Button.
DGFT- Online IEC application system here will automatically display the two options of View/Print rejection letter along with “Apply again where earlier application was rejected” Primarily Reson for IEC application rejection could be: 1. Uploaded documents are not  clear or relevant. 2. Name and address Detail filed in IEC application does not match with the particulars in uploaded documents 4. BANK Certificate is not proper like IFSC is not mentioned 5. Wrong DGFT RA is selected.
The system will automatically generate the IEC certificate once you submit your application based on your Jurisdictional Authority and it will automatically dispatch the IEC letter on your  registered e-mail id. However, at the time of next modification the e-IEC system will continue to display Print/View your IEC details along with Modify e-IEC. IF IEC certificate is not view properly then make following changes in Internet Explorer settings (i)From Menu bar options in Internet Explorer (IE 11.0 or above), select Tools >> Compatibility View Settings and in this dialog under Add this Website text box enter then press Add Button and Close Button. (ii)From Menu bar options in Internet Explorer (IE 11.0 or above), select Tools >> Internet Options then select Security tab from the top. In this option click on “Trusted Sites” and then press Sites Button when a dialog will appear on which under Add this website to the zone enter then press Add Button and Close Button.
In case you have generated the IEC letter from the e-IEC system and now you want to modify your IEC. Enter PAN and press Search Button. Then system will prompt for the following: (a) Name of Company (b) Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI) (c) File Number (d) File Date The Name and DOB/DOI will be verified from CBDT PAN Web Server  and File No and File Date will be validated from the DGFT-IEC application then only the system will dispatch tokens (one time password) on your registered mobile and e-mail id. Enter any one of the tokens either of e-mail/mobile and then press Submit Button to proceed. (Please Note You have to enter the current File No along with File Date ) IEC Code Modification Fees:-  For Modification In Import Export Code Or Iec Code Apply Online You Will Have To Paid Rs.200 Government Fees  And Consultancy Fees  Is Extra. Documents Required for IEC Code Modification:-  (1)Application Form ANF-2A To Be Filled In And All Pages Of The Application To Be With Every Page Signed (2) Proof Of Change Of Name/Address/Branches/Constitution Of Ltd. Companies Etc.(Form 32/Form 18/Company Master Details Issued By ROC Along With Copy Of Challan) For Proprietorship/Partnership Firms Any Address Proof Issued By Government Department. Copy Of Ownership Title Deed Or Copy Of Lease Deed Registered (3) Fresh Bank Certificate Certifying The Detail Of The Bank A/C, Registered Address, And Photographs Of The Applicant In Case Of Change Of Applicant (Whose Photo Is To Be Affixed In The IEC Code / Import Export Code). (4) Part-c Modification form [Please Note :The user cannot change his PAN/Mobile No/e-mail id after logging into the IEC system]
  1. pan 2. photo 3. bank certificate/cancel cheque
  2. signed copy of application and part -c iec modification form
A. NRI has to follow the normal application procedure for applying iec code. In addition permission from RBI is needed in some cases.
Yes. Click On know your IEC status on website. Here we can know whether our iec code application accepted, approved or rejected.
Yes Iec Code Or Import Export Code Used By Custom Department for calculating custom duty.
The data is automatically transmitted electronically on the day of issue of Import export code.
Now Fresh IEC code will not issued or dispatched by Speed Post to the IEC applicant address physically. When We Apply Import Export Code Online after approval of iec certificate, We Can download Iec Code Certificate in “print IEC Code” from Www.Dgft.Gov.In
Only One IEC Code Apply Would Be Issued Against A Single PAN Number. Any Proprietor Can Have Only One IEC Code Number And In Case There Are More Than One IEC Code Or Import Export Code Allotted To A Proprietor, The Same May Be Surrendered To The Regional Office For Cancellation
PAN Card Details Are Not Shown On INCOME TAX Website now DGFT system automatically verify PAN number, name and date of birth for IEC application form CBDT data.
Yes, PAN Is Mandatory For Get Iec Code Apply Online. However the copy Of PAN Card is not required to upload on DGFT website for applying iec code.
You must ensure the Application should be complete with all the details. Application fee of Rs 500/- in case of fresh IEC code and IEC modification Rs 200/- is mandatory.
Yes, anyone can go for an import export code registration, regardless of whether or not they are into exports and imports.
To cancel the IE code, one will need to request for the same with the DGFT. This can be done online. The cancellation is usually immediate.
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